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Beyond Borderlands is a forum for the artistic and critical exploration of topics relating to esotericism, paranormality, and the culturally weird.


Art By Rejeanne De Jong

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This little girl in the woods, nicknamed “Alice” by one viewer, has to do with anxiety about the future. Childhood is in part a feeling of being lost and not yet having the skills to manoeuvre oneself through life. However, that fear and vulnerability often follow us beyond childhood. The painting deals with the anger and confusion experienced in the face of the uncertainty so many feel and the reluctance to move forward because of that fear.


The robot head started out as a way to explore the artifice of beauty in many of the images that are presented to us in our daily lives—specifically, the tweaking of natural faces with plastic surgery or Photoshop in advertising campaigns. However, it also brought up ideas about what makes us human. Self-modification is something that has been practised since ancient times. This brings to mind the question of what this practice will look like in hundreds of years. Will we add machines to our bodies to enhance ourselves? And if so, what is the tipping point—when does one become more machine than human?