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Beyond Borderlands is a forum for the artistic and critical exploration of topics relating to esotericism, paranormality, and the culturally weird.


An Open Letter to the Borderlanders

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Dear Borderlanders,

I can find no more fitting a way to launch Beyond Borderlands into the vast, and sometimes treacherous, oceans of the internet than by charting a course by the only stars visible beneath the cloudy skies of circumstance: those stars that light within us, by which we guide ourselves.

Let us not hide behind an idol of infallibility and instead ask, from nowhere but ourselves: what do we want?

Each member of the Beyond Borderlands staff has their own reasons for working on the project. We are all engaged in supporting an eclectic collection of darkly artistic, intellectual, and cultural activities and have some shared political tendencies. To say more than this, though, I am hardly qualified.

What, then, do I want?

I believe that we can only impoverish our highest truths by peevishly asserting their singularity. The most vital phenomena are those that are not reducible to any simple yes or no, but that instead exhibit the greatest range of possible interpretations.

The fascinating power of the paranormal, weird, and occult stems in no small part from their symbolic richness. These syncretic themes have proven themselves to be complicated, yet compelling forces that are best explored through a union of diverse approaches. They have also shown themselves to be at times both productively subversive and highly suspect ideas that warrant open discussion.

Together we can cultivate a community in which those aspects of life that are hidden (if only because they are so hermeneutically rich) can be shared, created, and explored in a spirit that is neither dismissive, nor uncritically accepting.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the borderlands.


~B.D. Mitchell


Beyond Borderlands